za 18 juni '22

Cocktail Fest #7 | Rotterdam Pride x Roze Zaterdag

Cocktail Fest is coming right back at ya, on June 18th 2022 during Rotterdam Pride and Roze Zaterdag 2022! As always, we'll bring you the big, the industrial, the openness, the acceptance, all the houses under one roof, all in one party!

-- TEASE (Circuit)
-- HEADRUSH by MEIJT. (Techno/Acid)
-- FERRY (Pop/Club)

You? You just bring you! Just the way you are. The way you wish to be. Or the way you're meant to be. And bring your friends. Your girlfriends. Come as the usual gang. Or come totally out of the box. You might even surprise yourself...

Any which way..., we'll meet u all over again in our legendary venue, Maassilo Rotterdam. It’s gonna be ONE HELL OF A BIG PARTY! Because all you Cocktailers will UNITE and we will DANCE the NIGHT away together! Join us during this R’dam Pride x Roze Zaterdag XTRAVAGANZA!

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Prijs: € 45,-

Locatie: Maassilo

Tijden: 22:00 - 06:00

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