vr 10 december '21

Korsakov Presents: A.M.C - Energy [WORDT VERPLAATST]

When someone that isn’t Andy C wins the “Andy C award” for best DJ two years in a row, you know the skills are beyond special. A.M.C isn’t just arguably the greatest DJ in the world of drum & bass, he’s also an amazing producer - as you all know. His latest album Energy is among the greatest drum & bass albums in recent years and his subsequent singles have all wiped the floor with the drum & bass scene. He’s simply one of the hottest stars in 174 bpm music

And now, for the first time ever in Holland, A.M.C will play an exclusive 3 HOUR SET, and YOU can be there with us when we make history! Expect three hours of the most mind boggling double, triple and even quadruple drops the way only A.M.C knows how to do

Early Birds: SOLD OUT
Regular Tickets: ALMOST SOLD OUT
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Prijs: € 22,50

Locatie: Now & Wow Club

Tijden: 23:00 - 06:00

Dear Visitors of Korsakov,
As some of you may know, the Korsakov x Eatbrain night was unfortunately postponed due to Covid-19. We want to thank you all for your patience during the worst times of the pandemic. Times were hard for everyone and we barely survived, but Korsakov will be back better than ever with some fresh energy.
We will be moving the Eatbrain Night once again to a new date!

If you have bought a ticket for this night, you have a few options.
1. Hold your ticket and have a great time at the Eatbrain night.
2. Trade your ticket for the A.M.C Night
If you would like to trade your ticket for the A.M.C. Night, please fill in the following form - you can do so until the 25th of August 15:00.
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