zo 10 oktober '21

Liquicity: Rotterdam

Picking up where we left off ðŸš€
Liquicity touches down in Rotterdam for the very first Dutch show since February 2020!
To comply with the Dutch government’s regulations this will be a highly limited daytime event on Sunday, 10 October 2021 at Now & Wow ðŸ¥³ 

No doubt, it will be absolutely special to rave with the Liquicity Family for a full 10 hours â¤ï¸
So happy to be back again!
Line Up:
Feint - Maduk
Andromedik - Lexurus - T & Sugah
Blooom - Edlan - SiLi - Telomic - Voicians
Hosted by Ben Verse & Mota
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Prijs: € 25,00,-

Locatie: Now & Wow Club

Tijden: 13:00 - 23:30

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Stap 2: upload uw coronabewijs (vaccinatie, negatieve testuitslag maximaal 24 uur oud, corona herstelbewijs) 
Stap 3: Laat QR-code scannen bij ingang evenement
Stap 4: Naar binnen met legitimatiebewijs en toegangskaartje

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